Friday, December 3, 2010

Frivolous Friday or I Am Attached


After a prolonged absence from the blogging world, I've come back with eye treats to salvage what is left of my worth.

These are my favourites from the Michael Kors Pre Fall 2011. This man pretty much threw together the last 5 decades into one pot and twisted out a modern collection while retaining the integrity of the past. Pretty good... For an American (snap).

{Images: Style}

P.S. I was watching Karl Lagerfeld's making of the Pirelli 2011 calendar, it's quite inspiring and just amazing. Here's the video. There is nudity, so kids... Don't tell your parents.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tarnished Tuesday or I Drank Sour Milk

{Jacket: DKNY, Shorts: Club Monaco, Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: 80%20}

Tuesday, it's cold outside, so let's get those leather jackets out, kids.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sentimental Sunday or Don't touch me

Howdy you,

Has it been a while since you've had your mind blown? Well then, you are welcome. I was reviewing the RTW Spring 2011's, and I honestly do not see anything amazing. So far, the only collections that I was actually impressed with, nay rather, enjoyed were the Jil Sander, Jonathan Saunders, Yohji Yamamoto and of course, OF COURSE, Jean Paul Gaultier. Since the beginning of times, Gaultier and McQueen have been my favourites, I just feel they have the most visually enticing clothes, no? (I don't really need an answer, I know I'm right)

So, since I am an amazing person, I provide thee with some eye treats from the Gaultier collection, I just picked my favourites, don't hate.

{Source: WWD}

I love how he used Beth Ditto in the show, what a contrast with the usual victims-of-famine models... I love you! If it wasn't illegal, I'd be outside Gaultier's residence right now, with a bag and some shackles... Is that wrong? I mean really...?

So what do you think of the collection? The fabric, the patterns, the silhouettes, the colours, the utter perfection of vision? And he happened to use my favourite shade of green, always has me on his mind... How sweet.

Okay, well that is enough. Until next time, remember, always look both ways before crossing the road.

P.S. Okay, I couldn't resist, but isn't the make-up for the Gucci show just perfect? Why can't everyone just do THAT, so easy on the eyes. I'll have what she's having.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teutonic Tuesday (Still) or Shut Up

Hello all,

Two posts on one day, scandalous, I know. Don't get used to it.

So, I was reading the Monday's issue of the Toronto Star, and I came upon an article concerning the photo exhibition of Jonathan Hobin. The exhibition titled "In the Playroom" displays a set of photos depicting children re-enacting scenes from iconic media tragedies, which has some people up in arms because of alleged child manipulation and disrespect for the victims of the events reproduced.

The artist's message describing the intent of the photographs:
In the Playroom is a metaphor for the impossibility of a protective space safe from the invasive reach of modern media. The photographs in this series are visual echoes of iconic media imagery that has had an immeasurable effect on our culture. The deliberately staged constructions are full of arresting detail designed to underscore the infiltration of modern media into every aspect of daily life. By casting children as the central players, the artist invites viewers to imagine how children, with their limited context and experience, might perceive and interpret current events and contemporary iconography.


The first image is titled "The Twins", depicting 9/11. And the second photo is titled "Boxing Day", depicting the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

Okay, now. I see why some people would criticise the set of photos, but I think the message of the artist is sound. And the whole manipulation argument is just bullshit because the kids don't see what you(adults) see. It's like attacking a parent for dressing their kid and not allowing him/her to wear a Batman costume to their cousin's wedding, MANIPULATION. I think, no one has ever wondered how these tragic events influenced and affected children, who see the same images on TV, but interpret them in a completely different way. So, I applaud you Jonathan Hobin, you genius, you.

Besides, I don't like that people consider it inappropriate to tackle tragic or taboo events in art, because it might be disrespectful in some people's opinions. Freedom of expression, my friends. No matter what you do in life, or how careful you are, you will always offend someone... So, might as well just go for it.

So Jonathan Hobin gets my stamp of approval, his photos are displayed at the DALESMITHGALLERY in Ottawa until October 10. So, if you're in the area check them out.

What are your thoughts?


Teutonic Tuesday or Let Me Grab Your Ass

Many salutations to you reader,

Wow, did you feel the nerd scratching at the inside of your computer screen as well? Shivers, shivers.

This be the first blog entry for me on THIS blog, but I have owned several others in the past. So, I am experienced, ifyouknowwhatimean.

This entry is just meant as a minor introduction to myself, my writing style, I gotta issue a few warnings, amber alerts and whatnot, you know the beeswax.

So, let's get a little closer, feel my breath on your neck? Yes? Wonderful. So, my name is Kat ("Hello, Kat"), I am a raging alcoh- No, too far. I'm 20, and currently in uni studying European History and English, in other words, reading-shitloads-of-books-that-in-no-way-will-even-remotely-help-me-in-getting-anywhere-in-life-but-will-accumulate-a-substantial-dept-for-yours-truly. All this confectionery goodness is taking place in Toronto, CANADA. I am of Ukrainian and Russian heritage, but I feel no attachment to my Russian half and am even somewhat repulsed by it, and will on numerous occasions bash the damn mothaeffas, who keep trying to steal Ukrainian land and eliminate its' inhabitants or at least, forcefully assimilate them into their empty, dull, fabricated culture. No hate, no hate, I'm cool. The heritage tidbit was just so in case I go off on a tantrum of hatred, or patriotic rambling, you would know where the hell it's coming from.

Now, onto my writing style. I write informally (no shiiit, whaaaat?), sarcastically, with comments in brackets (once again, you're shiting me? so surprised right now). I swear on many occasions, depending on my fancy, I like to make up new swears to fit my mood. I am for free speech, hence no topic is ever off limits to me, or to you as a reader to discuss with me, write to me about. And I mean no topic is off limits, it will get a bit cruel sometimes. I tend to make mean comments about issues and people who I do not approve of, but I will probably make fun of people who I like as well, so it's all equal. I did study Journalism for a year, so technically, I've been taught how to write properly (also being an English major and whatnot), but I just like to write in a casual, humorous, and highly offensive manner, because it suits me better as a person.

WARNINGS, dun dun dun. Okay, so I curse, I am mean, and for the most part inconsiderate. I do not want some sissies complaining that I am a heartless hunk of steel, who is not loved and is pouring her anger out in blog form... Please, people. No likey? No lookey. Criticism is welcome, OH MY GOD, it is welcome, but make it cohesive and intelligent.

Okay so, this was long enough and boring as all hell, but it needed to be done. This entry was my arc and now we will go on a journey as the world sinks in water. Mwuahaha.


P.S. I found this word and its' definition so amusing, I wonder if there's a phophobophobia...